[NEBULA] Cannot connect to my NWA1123 anymore

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After adding my access points NWA1123-ACV2 into Nebula I'm not able to access them anymore directly.
This I need as I need to connect to the device even if internet is down and Nebula not available. How can I achieve this?


  • WebberIT
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    if you mean by accessing the standalone GUI panel with full features when nebula not available, then your only way is to reset the device to factory default in that condition.

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    Once you convert the device to be managed by NCC, the settings in the local dashboard of the devices becomes limited, same as the NAP.

    Cloud mode is cloud mode...
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  • Jaro
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    Hmm, thanks. If I remove it from Nebula, will I be able to connect using my old password?
  • Zyxel_Dean
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    Hi @Jaro
    It will reset to default when switching between modes (cloud/standalone), so that would be a no to your question. It will return to default account/psw as admin/1234.

    So basically when you add or remove from Nebula, this will determine if the AP is going to be manged by cloud or not, and of each transition of the modes it resets the AP to default to clear the configurations. 

  • Jaro
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    Hi Dean, thanks for answer, however it is worse than I expected. I did the configuration of the systems and now Nebula wants to delete it, sorry but I would expect at least some kind of export of the config. (or allowing me to connect locally to the devices)
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    Hi @Jaro
    Let me give you more details. As you already know, the NWA series devices support Standalone and Cloud modes. 

    Standalone mode is the default one, and here you can configure de device through a Full local web interface, accessible using the IP address of the device.

    When you register the device on Nebula, it will automatically become Cloud mode. This means two main things:
    • The settings you configured in standalone mode are overwritten by Nebula AP settings. It's worth to mention that you can pre-configure your settings on Nebula even before adding any device, so once a device is registered, your pre-configuration is pushed to the device.
    • The local web interface of the device becomes limited. You can still access it by using the IP address of the device and using the credentials that are configured in your site-wide settings in Nebula Control center.
    On Nebula, you can check the IP address of your device in AP > Monitor > Access Point:

    And you can also check and change the local credentials of your devices in Site-Wide > Configure > General Settings:

    One thing to highlight is that your devices will keep running using the last settings applied through Nebula, even when the Internet or Nebula Control Center is not reachable. For more details, please check this FAQ

    Now, once you unregister your NWA1123 device from Nebula, as Dean said, the device settings will be reset to default factory to avoid misconfiguration issues, and your device will become Standalone mode again.

    Hope this is more clear, feel free to ask more if something is unclear. :)
  • I have similar problem. I received for tests device NWA1123-ACv2 which is not deattached from other person's Nebula account. Resetting that device could not help, because in moment I attached such resetted and manually configured device to Internet - it switched automatically from my set standalone mode to... Nebula mode (and lead by that other person account).

    Is it any possibility to leave Nebula attachment without contacting to previous user (to persuade him to delete it from his inventory) ?

    BTW - I have problems with second reset. No more pressing RESET button works :( Is it related to that Nebula mode, any type of security of Nebula mode ?
  • Zyxel_Jonas
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    Hello @CharlieK_EU ,

    I'll PM you to get the detailed information of the device NWA1123-ACv2.
    About the "Reset" button, do you mean that the device didn't reboot after the second attempt?

  • Domfed
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    I have the same problem with my new NWA1123-AC Pro like Charliek_EU. I got it from a company that doesn’t exist anymore and it is still registered in the Nebula cloud. How can I delete it from the Nebula cloud without the the username and password of the previous owner?

  • Zyxel_Freda
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    Hi @Domfed,

    I'll PM you to get the detailed information of the device NWA1123-AC Pro. Please check your inbox.


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