I access files on Disk1 with no volume name. Please let me know how to acess my files?

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  • anupam29
    anupam29 Posts: 3
    I can't access my files on disk1
  • ikubuf
    ikubuf Posts: 45  Freshman Member
    Do you create a volume on disk 1?
  • anupam29
    anupam29 Posts: 3
    Before I was using this volume for all my data, suddenly the volume disappeared. If I try to create the volume once again, there is a warning that all my data will be lost. I don't want to lose my data. 
  • Mijzelf
    Mijzelf Posts: 2,001  Guru Member
    Can you enable the ssh daemon, login over ssh (on Windows you can use PuTTY for that) and post the output of
    cat /proc/partitions
    cat /proc/mdstat
    cat /proc/mounts

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