NSA310S - migrate to new HDD

Yes, this is pretty old piece of HW, but i didn't found in user guide, how to migrate to new HDD.

What is the best approach, to change HDD (to bigger HDD) and preserve at last complete configuration and packages?

Already have data backed up via lan.

I don't have startup CD anymore..

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    The firmware is not designed for that. If you plug in a new disk, the configuration (which is stored in flash) will be partly lost, because it points to the previous volume. So the easiest way to get it done is to fool the firmware that there is no new disk.
    *Maybe* you can create a bit-by-bit copy of the old disk, and put that in the NAS. The firmware will think it's the same volume (as it has the same UUID), but detect a substantial unused space on the disk, and offer you to enlarge the volume.
    This mechanism is build in for 2 disk NASses, to be able to exchange your (RAID1) disks 1 by 1 for bigger samples.
    If this will work on your 310s depends on if ZyXEL bothered to disable this feature in this single disk NAS, and if the current disk has a GPT partition table. If it has an MBR table the volume can't grow beyond 2TB.
    I don't have startup CD anymore..
    AFAIK you don't need it for any ZyXEL NAS, except for the 210. (Which doesn't have enough flash to store the firmware)

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    Thank you for the answer, I'll try at least that bit-by-bit copy.

    I know, that 310S is obsolete, but I don't like throwing out functional and still serving hardware.

    Fortunately, I at least backed up all the zpkg's before Zyxel deleted it from their ftp.

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