Setting up L2TP VPN on Nebula

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Appliance:  USG Flex 100
NCC: Don't see any version number, but live on 10 Jun 2022.

I have read this:

Can you please update to address new configurations -

Step 1 has new location & image:
Located - Firewall->Configure->Remote Access VPN
Options for L2TP doesn't include WINS Server option

Opening Firewall:
 - Security Gateway > Firewall is not an option
 - Don't see where to update 443 traffic rules
 - existing image resolution is too poor to make out.
 - where is this implemented?

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    Hi @tlutton
    The article is for NSG series, so the UI have a little different.
    If you would like to check L2TP setting for FLEX/ATP series, you can refer to this article first.
    We will add more scenarios and configuration guide in FAQ in near future.  :)
  • Donaldroy
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    Go to. "Gateway > Configure > Remote access VPN" and configure the parameters. 
    Go to Organization-wide > Configure > Cloud authentication. select Account type “VPN User” and create(add) user.
    Click Save and make sure NSG's configuration status is up to date.

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