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On a network we've taken over, there is an SSID is set to DHCP NAT mode across a floor with 6 APs.

As it isn't tied to a VLAN where a central Traffic Shaping policy can be applied on the Security Gateway in Nebula, If we apply a Rate Limit on the SSID, e.g. 10Mb, will this be 10Mb across all 6 access points, or 10Mb per access point?

[edit] Additional query: the Rate Limit withi nthe SSID for DHCP NAT mode has a range of 1Mb to 160Mb, is this 160Mb a limitation imposed by hardware? APs in use are NWA1123 AC Pro.

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    Hi @CTUK

    Rate limit settings are based on SSID, so every device connected to the SSID will get the upper limit of the setup value. As your question, for example: if you have ten devices connected to the SSID which setup Rate limit as 10Mbps, it means devices can get the maximum upper 10Mbps access per device.
    The other question, we do not have hardware limitations of the setting value. Because we consider the maximum overall wireless throughput,
    Normally we set the feature with multiple client environments, if we set the upper limit more than 160Mbps, it becomes meaningless because hard to reach the upper limit value, it means the result is the same if we set the value to 0Mbps.


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