[ATP/FLEX] How to Set Up Captive Portal on Nebula

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Before accessing network, clients have to pass the identity verification. All web page requests can initially be redirected to a login page that requires users to authenticate their sessions. Once authentication is successful, users can then access the Internet.

You can use captive portal to ensure that everyone using the network is trusted.

There are the progresses for captive portal.

1) Client open the browser and try to search the web.

2) Redirect to the captive portal automatically.

3) The client must pass the identify verification to access the Internet

Set up Captive Portal

Configure > Cloud authentication

Create users and password for authentication.

In “Login by” field, you can choose to log in with email/username or both.

Firewall > Configure > Authentication Method

Choose Sign-on-with: Nebula Cloud Authentication

In “Interfaces” field, Select the Nebula Device’s interface (network) to which the settings you configure here is applied.

Firewall > Configure > Captive Portal

Select the interface which the captive portal is applied.

Test result

When opening the browser and trying to surf the internet, you will be redirected to the following login page and must verify the authentication to use internet services.

After verification, the following picture will display