Cellular status down on NR7102

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After 4 days I lost my internet now and then. I pressed the reset button a couple of times, but then the LED for signal strength disappeared. I am not able to get it back again. Any suggestions?

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    Hi vanderloeb , the device LED is off it may device not receive power. If device exact receive power, you can check whether device displays complete information on Cellular WAN Status GUI page(GUI>System Monitor>Cellular WAN Status) and also try Reset button via web GUI(GUI>Maintenance>Back/Restore>Reset).
  • vanderloeb

    Hi Miaa , I dont know what to look for at the GUI page. In service information everything is N/A except for Access Technology that is Unknown. Module information, Sim status, GNSS information and IP Passthrough Status seems ok, but Cellular Status states that cellular status is down, Data roaming is disabled, and it is blank on operator and PLMN. 
    I also tried to Reset it via GUI and nothing changed.
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    Hello @vanderloeb

    I cannot find the user guide for NR7102, but the one for the NR7101 might help you as they are similar devices, see https://download.zyxel.com/NR7101/user_guide/NR7101_Version%201.00.pdf 

    I hope that this is useful to help you with the GUI.

    Kind regards,

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