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I have a Multi X and Multi Mini in a daisy chain configuration connected wirelessly.
On the X which is wired to the modem receiving the fibre line I get 450Mbps on 5G Wifi, but on the mini which is located in my office I only get 100Mbps.
Is there a setting to change this?

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    Try to move your mobile/laptop closer to the WiFi router and check the speed again.
    In case of suspected interference – move your mobile/laptop to different places and check the speed.
    You can find which place has more good signal.
    Or move your extender node to other places and see which places signal is more stable and efficient.

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    According to the Multy Mini User Guide available at there is a way in the Multy App to check the Diagnose the speeds of the Multy Site, including the speed between the Mini and Multy X.

    This might show you if the speed is being restricted by the Mini and Multy X or not, maybe because of the distances between them.

    With Multy X and Multy Plus, you can apparently do a daisy chain of devices to extend the WiFi range, but you cannot daisy chain with Multy Mini or Multi U according to the User Guide.
         - you can only connect Multi Mini directly to the Primary Multi that is connected to the Router or Modem.

    I hope that this is helpful.

    Kind regards,
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    Hi @Gert,

    Can you provide us with the topology of your Multy network?
    How do you get the result 100Mbps?
    Can you provide how you do the testing? Does the result always limit to 100Mbps? 

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