Resilio Sync on Nas326


Problem 1.
I have the btsync installed, it doesn't turn for some reason. It tries to open http://NAS-IP:8888/ but nothing responds.

Problem 2.
So I assumed the package is old or something, let's try to upgrade "Resilio Sync", but I can't find the ".PKG" directory.

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    Problem 1: 'It tries to open http://NAS-IP:8888/ '. That is only the webinterface redirection. btsync is supposed to be running in background (which started when you enabled the package), and it should have a webinterface running on port 8888.
    Maybe you can see what goes wrong when you start the package manually:
    /i-data/sysvol/.PKG/btsync/etc/init.d/btsync restart

    Problem 2: A file or directory name starting with a dot are by default hidden in linux/unix. (Which means no more than that ls doesn't show it). To see it, use 'ls -a'.

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