exFAT usb drive MOUNT

it seems that the NAS540 cannot MOUNT exFAT formatted USB drive automatically?

I was in the terminal -- and it seems that it has "mount.exfat-fuse" in the sbin folder?

Can I mount manually???

# mount -t exfat /dev/sd[x] /i-data/sysvol/exFAT_USB_DRIVE_name

??? is anyone know if this is going to work?


JIN :smile:

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    AFAIK it should mount automatically. Did you check dmesg for errors, or did you try to mount manually? It won't hurt.
  • jin08611
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    I will try it again in few days I am currently uploading all my files to this new NAS I will post my findings in few days 

    THANK YOU for all your awesome answers mijzel!!!   :smiley: :

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