how to upgrade to 64bit kernel

uname -a
it seems that it is running "arm7I" which I think is 32bit and that is the 16TB limitation coming from... CAN I upgrade to 64bit Kernel I need a BIGGER volume rather than 16TB :(

Please HELP!

JIN :smile:

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    it seems that it is running "arm7I" which I think is 32bit and that is the 16TB limitation coming from...

    It is not 'running' arm7l, it *is* an arm7l. And yes, that's 32 bits, and no, that is not the cause of the 16TB limitation. The 16TiB limitation is caused by the implementation of the filesystem. The filesystem can only handle a 32bit 'block' counter, and for some performance reason a 'block' has to fit in a memory page, which is 4kB. So the maximum volume size is ((2^32)-1) * 4kB.

    If you could upgrade the kernel a bit, this problem could be solved. Somewhere around kernel 3.2 this limitation of ext4 was lifted. Unfortunately this didn't make it to the kernel of this beast.

    Another option is to downgrade to firmware 5.0x. The first firmwares for the NAS5xx put the SoC in a different mode, where it used 64kB sized memory pages. Which had a theoretical maximum volume size of 256TiB. But it must have had it's drawbacks (on of them is that you can't run just any Armv7 software, it has to be specifically compiled to support 64kB pages), because in firmware 5.10 4kB blocks were used. This option is highly experimental BTW, the upgrade to 5.10 had a special script which prepared the NAS for using 4kB blocks. And I have no idea what that script actually did, and so I don't know what would happen if you just forced it back to 64kB pages.

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    Hey Mijzelf


    THANK YOU... I will just keep the version I have. I will just mount two volumes for my NAS which is not a big deal. I have been uploading files none stop for the past 24 hours and it works very well


    JIN :smiley:

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