How to set up Gmail for gateway mail notification?

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Notification emails are used to notify network administrators about events on the Zyxel device, allowing a quick response to any issues.

This example illustrates how to configure Gmail for gateway mail notification.


Create an Application Password in Gmail

To generate application password in Gmail, we need to turn on two-step authentication in Gmail.

1. Select your profile icon in the upper-right corner, then click Manage your Google Account


2. Select Security in the left sidebar.


3. Select App passwords under the Signing into Google section. 

You're asked to confirm your Gmail login credentials.

Note. If you don't see App passwords as an option, please turn on 2-Step Verification in Gmail.

4. Under Select app, choose Mail, then select a device other (Custom name).


5. Type device name and click Generate.


6. Application password appears in a new window. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process, then click Done.


Set up SMTP mail server in firewall

Go to Configuration > System > Notification > Mail Server page. 

General Settings

1. Mail server:

2. Select Append system name to add the Zyxel Device’s system name to the subject

3. Select Append date time to add the Zyxel Device’s system date and time to the subject

4. Mail Sever port: 587

    Check the box for TLS security 

    Check the box for STARTTLS

5. Mail from: Type the email address from which the outgoing email is delivered. 

6. SMTP Authentication

    User Name: Enter your Gmail email account (Including

    Password: Enter application password

    Retype to confirm: Type application password again to make sure that you have          entered is correctly.

Configuration > System > Notification > Mail Server



Go to CONFIGURATION > Log & Report > Email Daily Report > Email Daily Report. 

1) Enable Email Daily Report

2) Type the subject line for outgoing email from the Zyxel Device

3) Type the email address (or addresses) to which the outgoing email is delivered.

4) Click “Send Report Now” to have the Zyxel Device send the daily email report immediately.

CONFIGURATION > Log & Report > Email Daily Report > Email Daily Report.

We can see the log “Email daily report has been sent successfully.” in MONITOR > Log > View Log when it sends out successfully.

MONITOR > Log > View Log