different SSID with different passwords in the same Site - nebula base pack


I have nebula base pack and I need for 50 apartments to have different SSID and password for each apartment.

How can I do this if I have all 50 APs in the same nebula site ?

I saw I can use the cloud auth - DPPSK to have different VLAN for each password but I do not want to pay 36 EUR / AP / month which means 1800 EUR / month ... 


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  • Zyxel_Jay
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    Hi @rstanila

    There are two ways to fulfill your requirement,

    The first way, you can create 50 sites for 50 APs. One site sets up one SSID and manages one AP.

    This way is easy to set up, but you have to create 50 sites.

    In a second way, you can create 7 sites with 8 SSIDs(because Nebula only supports a maximum of 8 SSID per site). And then you can refer to this article to separate SSID on one site.

    [NEBULA] How can I configure to separate SSIDs between NAPs?

    Apply the specific SSID to the tagged AP.

    This way is difficult to set up, but you don't need to create 50 sites.

    Besides the DPPSK, With the Nebula Pro Pack license, we also have another function called Programmable SSID, it is for a large-scale Wi-Fi application, such as a hotel, which requires each AP to broadcast its dedicated SSID, Nebula provides “Programmable SSID” to allow users to complete the configuration fast and efficiently.

    If you have any interest, you can refer to this article

    Efficiently Create Dedicated SSID for each AP through “Programmable SSID”


  • Zyxel_Jay
    Zyxel_Jay Posts: 60  Zyxel Employee
    We find that there is something wrong with your calculation.
    We don’t need to pay 36 EUR / AP/month.
    We only need to pay 36 EUR / AP/year which means 1800 EUR / year.
    In other words, you just need to pay 3 EUR / AP/month which means 150 EUR / month.

    We now offer a one-month trial license when you create a new Nebula organization.
    You can use a one-month trial license to try out our programmable SSID feature.
    Note that if the trial license expires, you will not be able to set up the Programmable SSID feature. It will be locked, but it will continue to work.

    Wish you success.