MULTY set up, adding new device: light keeps turning red instead of blue


I successfully set up our first device, and now we want to add another multy. I followed the steps in the app, but then i get to a step where i should "wait for up to two minutes until the light turns blue" - this never happens, and it blinks for a few minutes before turning red. I have checked connections, turned everything off and back on and have also tried another device to check if something was wrong with the router itself.

How do I proceed and get that golden blue light? :-)

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    Hi @enilsson

    Thanks for the feedback.
    You can try to set up Multy device next to the Main Multy, after set up, then you can put the device where you want to place it.

    To clarify your issue, please help to response the following requests below:
    What model of Multy device are you using? 
    What firmware are you currently using on the Multy device and Multy APP? 
    Which steps do you stuck on? Can you share with us some screenshots related to your issue?

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