I can't enable sign in method?

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Hi there, i purchased Pro Pack Nebula but i can't manage captive portal customization?
I need to enable it but can't do nothin! it is wrigting that "Upgrade to Pro Pack to unlock this feature." although i've already bought it
Please help me

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    Hi there,


    Captive portal customization is free, supported models can do this. Actually, it is not related to PRO pack’ feature.


    In the case you use some models as NWA50AX, NWA55AXE etc., they don't support captive portal. I attached a part of Device function table here as an example to let you follow easily. 

    You also can go to Help >> Support tools >> Device function table ( Zyxel Nebula - Device function table ) to know all the function of Zyxel products.

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