[Nebula Demo] Easy Onboarding Zyxel NWA220AX-6E AP to Cloud with Nebula Mobile App

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The Zyxel NWA220AX-6E is the dual-radio access point with a BandFlex radio that can support either 5 GHz or 6 GHz by configuration, making it the most economical choice to fit into your existing 5 GHz coverage as well as futureproofing the use of 6 GHz.

With the support of free Nebula cloud management, you can either use the Nebula mobile App or the cloud-based web portal to quickly set up, monitor and manage the Zyxel NWA220AX-6E access point from anywhere at any time.

This video will walk you though the steps on how to onboard a NWA220AX-6E AP and configure its BandFlex radio with Nebula mobile App in minutes: 

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