NWA50AX / NWA50AXW won't upgrade firmware

Dear community,

I have a small setup of two NWA50AX and one NWA50AXE which are showing available firmware updates since weeks, but do not upgrade at all. Neither automatically on Sundays, nor when I trigger the update manually.

I already testet restarting the devices, changing the update schedule etc., but nothing helped.

Anyone having an idea on how to make my devices upgrade again?

Best regards!

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    Hi there,

    Firstly, you can try to change the DNS server to and then trigger the fireware update manually or wait for the time to firmware upgrade automatically.

    If the issue still happen, we’d like to help you check your site, so please go to the Nebula website’s left sidebar >> Help >> Support request >> Enable Invite Zyxel support as administrator >> Click Save.

    Don’t forget to let us know when you complete enabling this function.

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  • ponG86
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    Thank you, the DNS server was the problem. My adblock DNS blocked too much :)