LTE5388-M804 cellular connection issue

Hello everybody,

I have been using my new Zyxel LTE5388-M804 for several days and I have faced the following connection issue. Once per day it loses connection to the Internet. I believe it happens every 24hrs +/- 5 mins, looks like session expiration or something. When I check connection status in the router's web interface it shows that connection is established, but actually - no Internet. Trying to fix it, I set up the APN manually - doesn't work. I enabled logs but there are no records related to this, only dhcpd messages. There is only one way to return the Internet back - restart the router.

I'm using the latest firmware version 1.00(ABSQ.1)C0, my provider is O2 Germany, the sim card worked well with my previous router. It doesn't look like a big issue, but this is very annoying especially during the meetings.

I'd be very pleased with any advice, I have no idea how to fix it.


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  • I'd like to clarify my post a bit.

    Here in Germany we have the so-called "Zwangstrennung". It's an automatic disconnect and reconnect of the pppoe connection every 24 hours with the result of a new ip address and a loss of the internet connection for "some minutes". So the ip address is not static, it's handled by the isp dynamically. After 24 hours you always get another ip at the wan interface.
    So the connection drops every 24hrs and the problem is that Router is not able to automatically restore the connection, it requires reboot.

    Is there a chance to reboot the router via cli (for example, connect to the router by ssh)? I'll be able to set up a cron rule then to do a reboot at 5 a.m. for example.
    Does the router have a cli command to force reconnect to the wan without reboot?

    Thanks in advance.

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