HDD vom NSA310 - > NAS326?

Hallo @all,

Ich bräuchte einmal eure Unterstützung bitte: Bisher habe ich ein NSA310 genutzt. Jetzt habe ich ein NAS326 bekommen und würde gerne die Festplatte aus dem NSA310, die voller Daten ist, in das NAS326 als Basislaufwerk übernehmen. Eine Festplatte ist bereits im NAS326 vorhanden.
Funktioniert das ohne Datenverlust?
Was muss ich gegebenenfalls vorbereiten bzw. was muss ich nach dem Einbau beachten?

Ich freue mich auf eure Antworten und bedanke mich schon jetzt!

Gruß, jireh

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    OK. First remove the old 310 disk, and create a volume on the new disk, if you didn't do so already. Then powerdown the box and insert the 310 disk. Powerup, login over ssh.
    First you have to find out which node is used for the 310 disk. You can see that with
    cat /proc/partitions
    This shows all block devices (disks, partitions, ...) with their size in blocks (=1kB). Disks (and partitions) start with sd. The new disk will have 3 partitions, the old one 2. So if you see a sda, sda1, sda2, sda3, it's the new disk. If the -3 is lacking, it's the old one.
    Then you have to assemble the raid array (all ZyXEL data partitions contain a raid array. For a 310 that will be a single disk raid1).
    mdadm --assemble /dev/md3 /dev/sda2
    (Replace sda by the real disk node)
    When mdadm succeeded you can mount the array
    mkdir -p /mnt/mountpoint
    mount /dev/md3 /mnt/mountpoint
    Your shares should be visible now in /mnt/mountpoint:
    ls /mnt/mountpoint
    Now you can copy over the whole content to the new disk:
    mkdir -p /i-data/sysvol/admin/old_disk
    cp -av /mnt/mountpoint/* /i-data/sysvol/admin/old_disk/
    This will take some time. Don't close the terminal until it's done. You can see the files appearing in your admin share, subdirectory old_disk.

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  • Mijzelf
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    The 326 won't accept the '310 disk as regular data disk. But you can mount it manually in an ssh shell (the 326 supports ssh out of the box) and copy the data over.
    Let me know if you need more instructions for that.

  • Hello Mijzelf, thank you very much for your answer! 
    If you have any instructions how to proceed, would be great. The command line is not my world :-) 
  • @Mijzelf
    Thank you! 

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