NAS326 increase password characters

maybe someone knows what can be changed in the system (root configs) to increase the number of password characters and add special characters.

now is 14 characters and its too little for create secured pass.

support refused to fix the issue.

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  • ikubuf
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    As I know, it is not able to change with root account, and the special character has been removed after the firmware V5.21(AAZF.8)C0
  • dnbx
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    clearly ... just a disregard for the company's attitude towards users.

    I will never buy Zyxel products in my life!!!
  • Mijzelf
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    now is 14 characters and its too little for create secured pass.

    Why do you think so? With upper- and lowercase characters, numbers and 3 special characters (and probably more than 3 special characters are supported) the possibilities per character are 65. Which means the total number of possible passwords is 65^14 = 24.031.838.291.621.636.962.890.625. When someone would try to bruteforce that with a million attempts a second (and believe me, your uplink nor your NAS can handle that) it would take 350 thousand million years to have tried half of the possibilities. 

    So how is that not secure? 

  • dnbx
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    special characters are not allowed on NAS326. only upper and lowercase characters, numbers
  • Zyxel_Jerry
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    Hi @dnbx

    We've put this request into idea.
    Thanks for the valuable feedback.

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