NAS542 How or if is possible make snapshots

I have Nas542 with 4 WD40EFRX-68N drives. Have RAID5. Heve some shares prepared and i want to have possibility to make snapshots of specific share. Have also Netgear NAS102 and there is simple to open make snapshots when you create share. Alese you can close or open this options later. I can not find some here in Zyxel. Can you someone tell me how to do it or open it? Thank you.

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  • okimarukas
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    There is no snapshot options on zyxel NAS but only the backup planner.
    You can do backup planner to backup your file in every period of time.
  • Posoft
    I have backup planer adjusted but snaphot is better to reverse to specific time. Shame there is not snapshot options. Maybe i need to look up for other developer of NAS.

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