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I'm setting up a new NAS326 for home usage. Most of the PCs on the network are Windows with the exception of my desktop, which is Debian Bullseye, Xfce for my desktop environment. I am able to open files, but I'm not able to edit directly and/or save files from my desktop. I can open and edit from the Windows machines. I'm sure it's a permission issue that I haven't been able to resolve yet. The first thing that I'm seeing is that all the documents in the folder I have setup for myself have root permissions.

Should the owner and group be myself? I've copied over from my desktop through the File Manager, when logged into the NAS as my user account(not admin).

I do have the NAS mounted through
sudo -s mount -t cifs -o username=MyUName // ~/NetworkShare/

It is mounting and I can browse the shared folder, just unable to open & edit. I'm notified that LibreOffice files are locked.

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    It's some time ago I used ZyXEL NASses in combination with a Linux desktop, and when I did, I think I only used smb:// urls in the file manager, which uses libsmbclient and not the cifs kernel mount.
    The files should have the ownership which you used to login, however, I think the unix extensions are too helpful for you. Try to mount with the 'nounix'  option.

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