4G LTE7490-M904 internet distribution problem

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I would like ask you for help with correctly setting up of this router.

Connection to the internet is done on router side. When I check using Diagnostic menu, I can ping google DNS IP and also speedtest give me a result and information about Down/upload speed, so I think router has access to the internet.

Problem is that my mobile phone or laptop connected to the router by wifi is without internet connection. Fro testing purpose I configure the router IP and DHCP start from 124 to 129, as I DNS I use fix method and as a first dns I use, second is

All this information are loaded to the devices (mobile., laptop) and when I chcek NIC settings on laptop all is OK, but still I cannot use internet.

Is there any idea what can be wrong? 

Thank you.

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  • Hi, today I observe that the internet connection is working while I am connected using a cable to the router... Is there a wifi only for setup?
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    Hello @Crussader

    According to the User Guide available at https://www.zyxel.com/global/en/support/download?model=lte7490-m904 the LTE7490-M904 supports 2.4GHz WiFi for client use to access the Internet.

    So it is probably a set-up issue.

    The LTE7490-M904 also supports Wireless Protected Setup (WPS), so it could be worth you trying to use WPS with a wireless client device to see if that helps your wireless client to see if that helps it to get onto the WiFi correctly.

    Kind regards,
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    I have the same problem.

    The problem is in the native configuration of the product.

    If you look at the IP assigned to the pc you connect via lan cable you will find that it will have a completely different class to the one it assigns to wifi devices. In my case it assigns the class 10.12.126.x to the pc connected via cable and 192.168.1.x (or in any case the class you assigned in the "home networking" section) to the devices connected via wifi.
    This makes the device difficult to use for almost all users, who will NOT be able to make it work.

    Something tells me that there will be a manual NAT to do.

    At this point I ask zyxel for help directly.

    How can the problem be solved? Need a guide!
    Actually it should be designed to do it automatically ..... this thing reminds me of the zyxel prestige 660hw, which had the exact same problem. If you weren't doing the nat you weren't sailing.

    Support zyxel ...
    we await instructions.
    I have security cameras, PCs, alarms, etc. stopped.

    Sorry for the bad english.

    Kind regards,
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    i have same issue, can Zyxel please advise why internet over 2.4ghz wifi doesnt work?

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