WAN Backup configuration for lte5388-m804

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Hi, I am trying to configure this LTE router to have a backup connection to an ASUS DSL-N55U.
Unfortunately I can't get it to work, does anyone have a guide or experience to share on this?

What I did:

1) Enabled WAN on LAN1 port
2) Network cable from Zyxel (WAN) to Asus (LAN)
2) Set IP on ethernet interface in Zyxel
3) tried to disable all firewalls.

Asus is connected to the internet via WAN / USB / LTE and exits on the internet via Zyxel. But when Zyxel loses the connection it doesn't pass the command to Asus.

I have dealt with multiple ways but I don't find the right one.

Thank you,

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    Hi Mauro, 

    Does the ASUS DSL-N55U have a fail-over/fall-back design?
    I think it should determine which WAN interface has connection and which does not so that fail-over/fall-back between the main interface and the back-up interface (e.g. Zyxel LTE5398) can happen. 



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