Unfortunately, I am not able to set up the connection between the NR7101 & Orbi RbS850

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Can please anyone help me in this case .I’m really not sure what for parameters I have to choose I tried several but it’s not working… I am new at Zyxel… so same, same, but also very different;) I have the Zyxel access point patched into a Netgear POE switch and that one is patched to the Orbi main AP. Thank you very much.

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    Hi Fynn, 

    If the NR7101 is not plugged to the PoE switch but to the PoE injector in its package, would it make a difference for the connection between the Orbi AP and the NR7101?
    Does the Orbi AP's user interface show an IP address given by the NR7101?



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