[Release Note] Nebula Control Center - Phase 15.1 software Release!

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Zyxel Nebula Control Center Release Note

Common NCC (Organization, Site-wide …etc.) enhancements:

  1. Introduced Trial mode in License & Inventory, which replaces the previous Trial Org with more service licenses for experience or evaluation. Instead of forced starting trial period when a new Org is created, user now can choose the best time and applicable service to try the licensed feature sets.
  2. Improve Firmware Management UI to provide more clear information.
  3. Added Site Location setting for configuring the newly added devices address automatically. Also added options to re-locate the device by device’s GEO-IP information or Admin browser’s location information whichever best suits you.
  4. Added Org name and Org owner name, when available, with new email template for device and license related email notifications.
  5. Cloud Saving Mode now allowed to be disabled more directly after admin logs in. Also MSP portal added a Cloud Saving Mode column that admin could resume the org(s) from Cloud Saving Mode quickly and in bulk. (Nebula MSP Pack license is required)


Wireless LAN (WLAN) enhancements:

  1. Support new AP model. The WAX655E is added to Nebula in this release. WAX655E is a NebulaFlex Pro AP that comes with 3 management modes: standalone, controller managed and Nebula cloud managed modes. It comes with 1 year Nebula Pro Pack license bundled.
  2. Pre-shared key can be also programmable when Programmable SSID is enabled. (Nebula Pro Pack license is required)
  3. IP reputation filter is renamed to Threat Protection while DNS inspection function is added. (CNP license is required)
  4. SB series AP (NWA50AX, NWA55AXE, NWA90AX) feature enhancements:
    i. Smart Mesh added 3 advanced capabilities – manual uplink, disable downlink,  re-connect.
    ii. Smart Steering added optimization aggressiveness for disassociation.
    iii. NAT mode.
    iv. Layer 2 isolation. (new to NWA50AX/55AXE; NWA90AX has this already)

Switching enhancements:

  1. GS1350, XGS1930, GS2200 and GS1920 series PoE models now support Force-802.3at mode.
  2. Supports assigning dynamic VLAN to 802.1x authenticated user if RADIUS server provides the corresponding VLAN ID setting.
    *Please pre-check the RADIUS server settings to ensure it is set as expected.
  3. Supports MAC auth. with Nebula Cloud Authentication.
  4. Supports IGMP Report Proxy settings. (Nebula Pro Pack license is required)
  5. PoE schedule now will be stored by switch. If switch gets disconnected with NCC, the schedule still works.


Security Appliance enhancements:

  1. USG FLEX series now supports Sandboxing and Reputation Filters. (Gold Security Pack for USG FLEX license is required).
  2. For non-Nebula VPN peers, the public IP setting now supports both IP address and FQDN.
  3. Ping in the Live Tool can choose LAN interfaces now.


Mobile Router enhancements:

  1. Two new Nebula FWA510, Nebula FWA710 model are supported in this release.