Implementation of daily reboot on NR7101

We also encountered connection problems.
To solve this, it was enough to restart the antenna and therefore we have scheduled an automatic weekly restart.
The problem is that in some cases we could not even connect to the antenna to be able to restart it; it was completely planted.

I wanted to ask zyxel to implement the DAILY reboot.
We would like to restart the antenna every day as well

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  • n_o
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    unsupported way:
    generate root password
    ssh to router & add cronjob
  • Bob_C
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    Hi Andrew1, 

    There will be a new firmware end of December supporting daily reboot. 


  • Hi Bob
    Greatfull! thank you

  • Hi i nstalled the latest firmware   Nr7101 V1.00(ABUV.7)C0  but still the rebooting is just once in a week
    i am not able to plan a daily reboot
    could you help me

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  • Hi Selberg thanks very much

    i din't see that option really sorry
    because i checked with grate care the first time
    i was not able i searched thne i suppose the way was to flag every day
    instead you added a flag daily
    Sorry my fault i did not pay attention where was needed
    really sorry
    and thanks a lot
  • I mean the first time i searched how to do it with great care
    then i realized was just weekly
    then i searched on the community i found your post
    i installed the latest firmware
    but after installing i presumed the solution was to flag every day
    and i did not pay attention at the new flag DAILY
    so was my fault thank again and sorry

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