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I have a NAS326 had a folder I created, My Documents, which I had mapped to a drive letter. Two days ago the nas326 started beeping and of the led for drive 1 was blinking. Error message showed that the mapped drive was not available. I got into the nas326 clicked on Storage Manger and it showed there was a problem and started a repair, which too 5 hours. After the repair and created a new RAID 1 Volume and all of my files were gone.
At this time I am unable to access it. I have gone through the installation process and cannot see anything.

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    Do you create a new volume? Create a new volume will clear the data.
    When start the pairing, the NAS will start to rebuild the Raid file system with the hard disk drives.
    If the issue volume still cannot be recovered, replace the failed hard disk drive(s) with another or a new one.
    Try to replace the failed hard disk drives with new ones of the same brand and same model.

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