Add device in myZyxel & Nebula

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I have just received a NR5101. 
The setup was really easy. Thanks for that ! 
However I cannot add my device in myZyxel or Nebula. 
I also tried directly with the app 
I always have the same message "Cannot find the device". 
Do you have any advise ? 
Do I need to be connected through the router to add the device ? 
Thanks a lot

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  • I also have a NR5101 and don't meet the issue as you mentioned. Only Nebula supported version can be managed by Nebula, and it is labeled on the sticker with “Nebula”. You can refer to Nebula supported version sticker photo.

    If you have the Nebula NR5101, you can try to use Nebula Mobile APP to scan device to add. I did sucessfully.

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