[Nebula] How can we customize the captive portal page?

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On Nebula, we provide users to customize their captive portal page to looks more characteristic.

What is Captive Portal?

          Please refer to our Captive Portal feature introduction FAQ:

          [NEBULA] How to configure Nebula Cloud Authentication with captive portal? — Zyxel Community


What can we customize? and How?

          Please go to the Captive portal customization page from the path on Nebula 


               Configure > Access Point >> Captive portal customization



          There would be a Default theme setup, every modification would be kept in 

          default theme, but we provide users to copy(clone) the theme and modify 



Click-to-continue/Voucher/Sign-on page:

          We provide users to customize the logo and message for the pop up portal 

          page, users can configure promotion message and vendor icon for their 

          customization portal.





Success page:

          Customize the success message of the success page for users who pass the portal.




External captive portal URL:

         Download the customized captive portal page example, and configure the web  

         server URL here. It can be domain name or IP address. If it is the domain name, 

         ensure it can be resolved. After editing, copy the html files to the web server.



Captive portal behavior:

          User could customize to direct the page to promotion URL after successfully 

          pass the portal, fill in the URL you want to direct or just keep the default setting



          1.  Images larger than 244x190 will be resized and upload file size is limited to 

               200KB. We recommend PNG (preferred due to transparency), JPEG and GIF 


          2.  The maximum length of success page message: 255 characters.