Hello, I bought recently NAS 326 and I have problem with video streaming

Could you please advise how to fix it? Everything else works OK, but I have many videos in 4k quality from my Gro Pro and each one I try to play/stream stops in 5th or 6th second. I would appreciate if someone could help. Thanks a lot

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    You can check if your NAS is on the latest firmware, as I know the latest is V5.21(AAZF.12)C0.
    Does the video work normally if it is not 4k quality on GRO PRO? Or every video in 4k will stop in 5th or 6th seconds? 
    If only the video with 4K would meet the issue, while using other equipment to play 4K video, will the video still stop at 5th, 6th seconds?

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