User Disk Quota Size Limits on NAS540

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I have NAS540 with four (4) 4.0TB (nominal size) HDDs, set up in RAID5.
All four are put into a single Volume built directly on RAID5, giving me 10.82TB usable space.

Now, I have two (2) school age users.
The idea is to divide that overall space between those two users -- assign about 8TB share to User1, and the rest, or about 2.8TB, to the User2.

Going through Control Panel > Privilege and Sharing > Users > Add User, I can create a new user and set their space Quota accordingly.

However, while I do not have problems with setting User2's 2TB (2,048GB) disk Quota, I get an Error message when setting 8TB (8,192GB) disk Quota for User1.

As a matter of fact, the largest disk quota I can specify for any user is 3.99TB (or 4,096GB - 1GB).  If I go "all the way" to 4TB (4096GB), or more, I will get an "Unexpected Error!!" message.

At this point the way to proceed is to create two user accounts (User1-1 & User1-2) for one of the kids, each account having disk quota set at 3.99TB.  Not exactly optimal but a quick and dirty workaround.

So I am looking for comments and pointers...

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    This looks like a bug in the GUI. I can't imagine the underlying Linux implementation would have such a limitation. Low level quota are a multiple of blocks of 1 KiB. So 4096GiB is exactly 2^32 blocks. So when somewhere between the GUI and the backend a 32 bits number is used, you can't get higher.
    You can try if the command repquota and setquota are available on the commandline, and bypass the GUI.

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