No (Zip, Zero, Nada...) User Storage Quota Allowance.

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This may have been asked before... but...

I am setting up a family file dump on a NAS540.
Unit has four (4) drives, one (1) disk group using RAID5, sub-divided into three (3) Volumes on Disk Group (basically a single "dedicated" Disk Group per user).
There will be three (3) users (1 admin + 2 "regular" users).

Here's the question:
When creating a new user, I want that particular user to only store files on his/hers "assigned" volume.  So USER1 would have unlimited quota on VOL1, but zero storage allowance on VOL2 and VOL3.  Now, I know that it can be easily done with folder permissions but...

If I was going to do that via (Volume) Quota how exactly did the UI developers intended us users to specify number ZERO (as in 0GB)?

Whose idea was it to use digit 0 (zero), to signify "unlimited" (which for all practical purposes really means 16TB anyway).

And lastly, how come this was not fixed long time ago?

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    It's just a GUI around the way quota's are implemented in Linux. The manpage of setquota states:
    To disable a quota, set the corresponding parameter to 0.
    For applying a zero quota Linux has another way, just do not grant write permission. (Which is easier and less CPU intensive.)

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