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I bought Multy X+ Multy mini. Connected them with Ethernet cable and I see that Multy mini is operating as 1000Mbps. Later I bought another Multy mini, and replaced the first one with the new one (disconnected old mini and connected new). And now I see that new Multy mini is operating as 100Mbps. What can be wrong? I tried reset, removed/added again. Nothing solved the issue. Each time it has 100Mbps connection. In the same time the first Multy mini has 1000Mbps. I checked speed in browser. First Multi mini - 870Mbps, second Multy mini is 96Mbps. Could you please advise how to solve it and have 1000Mbps on the second Multy mini. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi @vzstrict

    Do you delete the old Multy mini on the APP and install the new one?
    In one site, it only can include one Multy mini in the topology.
    If there are two mini in the topology, please remove both Multy mini out of the Multy topology on the Multy APP. And install the new Multy mini again.

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