Installing legacy product NAS220 on windows 10 / 11

Hi there,
I want to install my old NAS 220 in my daughters network but no longer have an installation CD. I also donot remember the password I used many years ago.
Can this NAS still be installed and how do I solve the password problem?


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    You can factory reset the box. While the box is on, and fully booted, press the reset button on the back until it has beeped 3 times. After that the login is admin/1234.
    You don't need the installation CD, everything can be done from the webinterface. The NAS doesn't support SMB2 or 3, and SMB1 is by default switched off on W10 and 11, due to security issues. So to use the NAS for file storage you'll have to switch that on again. For W10 you can find how on this forum, for W11 I don't know if it's possible at all.

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