What is the meaning of the AP status with an orange icon and “Client Overloading” description?

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On Nebula, users could determine the status of the AP from the icon in the AP list.

What does the orange icon with the “Client Overloading” description mean?


AP with this status base on two possibilities below :


1.      When the user does not configure the Load Balance feature, There are 32 and above stations connected on the "same" radio of the AP.



There are three 2.4GHz only SSID and one 5Ghz only SSID, if the sum of 2.4G clients is above 32 and no client is connected to the 5GHz SSID, the AP will show the AP status with an orange icon and “Client Overloading” description.

If the sum of 2.4GHz clients is 30 and the sum of 5GHz clients is 31, the AP will not with clients overloading status since it does not fulfill the condition.



2.      When the user has configured the Load Balance feature, the connection amount reaches the value from the corresponding radio that the user set up.



A user configures Load Balance with the maximum value of 3 clients for 2.4Ghz, 1 client for 5Ghz, and 10 clients for 6GHz, once there is a station connected to 5Ghz SSID, even no one connects to 2.4GHz and 6GHz, it will still show the client overloading status since the 5GHz connection amount hit the set up value, (maximum client device number for 5GHz is “1”)





If there are only a few amounts of clients are connected to the AP and show the orange icon with client overloading description status, please check the load balance settings first.


Load Balance: Configure >> Access point” >> AP & port setting