How to set up the ZyMesh of APs managed by the controller?

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For users who have the requirement to build up a network environment but lack the environmental condition to deploy cables in their scenarios

Mesh is an option for users to enlarge the signal coverage via the wireless connection between APs.


MESH on the APs managed by the controller, we called “ZyMesh”.


There is the condition that needs to be fulfilled for building up ZyMesh:

  • At least 2 AP managed by the controller (Zyxel Firewall or NXC series AP Controller products)


Please follow the steps below to build up the ZyMesh network:

(Since NXC series products are end-of-life, we use the Zyxel firewall product to introduce the setup of the ZyMesh)


1.      Login into your Firewall (AP Controller)


2.      Create the ZyMesh profile

PATH: GUI >> CONFIGURATION >> Object >> ZyMesh Profile >> Add



3.      Setup the Root AP & Repeater AP

PATH: GUI >> CONFIGURATION >> Wireless >> AP Management >> Mgmt. AP List

Double click the AP to set up the AP role, please set up Root AP first.

Root AP (To simply judge, the uplink port is cable wired, please make sure the uplink port could ping to the gateway) :

Override the OP Mode settings with the option “Root AP”, and select the ZyMesh profile that you just created.

Repeater AP (Wireless deployed one):

Override the OP Mode settings with the option “Repeater AP”, and select the

ZyMesh profile that you just created.

4.      When the settings are applied to the APs, disconnect the Repeater AP and deploy it.

5.      Check the ZyMesh link.

PATH: GUI >> MONITOR >> ZyMesh >> ZyMesh Link Info


How to check MESH Link connection?

After the ZyMesh is successfully set, the root AP and repeater AP information will be displayed in the ZyMesh link information from the path below.


PATH: MONITOR > Wireless > ZyMesh > ZyMesh Link Info.




1.      Choose two different ZyMesh profile on the Root/Repeater AP

The ZyMesh link could not build up if APs use different ZyMesh profiles.

2.      The AP's country code must be the same when establishing a ZyMesh connection.

Users can check the country code in CONFIGURATION > Wireless >


3.      DCS on root and repeater APs will cause ZyMesh to disconnect when AP changes to something else.

Therefore, please disable DCS or set a longer DCS time when building your

ZyMesh deployment