LTE2566-M634 SMS tav will not load

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My LTE2566 will show SMS messages on the device but i cannot access the SMS application in the configuration interface. It stays stuck on the waiting message. I tried this on 4 different devices and multiple browsers on each. This happened before and i was only able to fix it by factory resetting but i do not want to loose my messages this time.
Also, many messages arrive in a broken encoding and are undreadable is there a way i can fix that? 
Thank you.

I am in Turkey using Turk Telekom sim card.

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    Hi mustafab97, 

    Some questions about your case: 
    1. Your screenshot shows that there's 0 received SMS. Do you confirm that there's actually SMS inside the SIM or saved in the LTE2566?

    2. Can you read the SMS on TFT display?

    3. Which firmware are you using?



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