NAS326 Volume1 is degraded and No repair button (link)

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Hello all.  I have 2 disks in my NAS326 configured in  raid1. 
During last boot there were a series of beeps and the message "RAID is degraded. - The Volume1 is degraded. Please go to Storage Manager to repair it." appeared on the WebGui. But no REPAIR link is shown on the Storage Manager. 

The two disks seem OK (green button) and I can access all the files.

Thanks for the help

Here are some screenshots

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    Try to click the status of the volume. It should show the pairing on the bar.
    Could you get the file while the volume show degrade on your disk?
    If you can copy out the file in the disk, maybe you can try to copy out all the files and reboot the NAS again and see if there is repairing button for it
  • andisaraci
    Hi ikubuf and thank you for the answer. I did solve the problem just by rebooting the NAS. After that the "Repair" button appeared by itself, and so I was able to repair the RAID. Now it is working OK

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