LTE7490-M904 internet acces by wifi doesn't work

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recently bought a LTE74904-M904 outdoor router, which is operational, configured, SIM ok.
When I connect a PC to router ethernet interface, the PC has access to internet.
When I connect a PC to router wifi interface, the PC has no internet access.
Firmware = V1.00(ABQY.4)C0
I've read some topics saying that wifi is not configured to offer internet access on these outdoor routers, but it's not so practical.
So is there a way to get internet access from router wifi ?

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    having the same issues.

    Via LAN, internet ok.
    Via WIFI, no internet.

    Is this a DHCP problem?

    I notice their is an "internet block" setting under connected wifi clients, but this is not on.

    Any way I can get internet access via wifi?

    All i want it for is to do speed tests on my phone to check speeds before final set up.

    I really hope the wifi is not only for admin access....
  • Hello,
    The support answered me that wifi is ONLY for admin access/config, but not for connecting to outside of the router, sadly.
    So I'll use an AP to get wifi access from PC's, and connect AP and 4g router together, so PC's would be able to access to internet, just a little ridiculous, but...
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    who on earth designed it like that?!!!!!!!!!!

    No reason to do it like this, especially when you could build in a hard block internet access if you wanted for security purposes....its odd that under wifi settings, for each client their is already an internet block toggle on or off!?

    Does anyone from Zyxel read these forums who designs the firmware?

    I cant see it being hard to implement if this is the case and update the firmware.

    Also they need to change their product advertising and make it very clear that 2.4ghz wifi access is for AP config only - shocking

    @ZYXEL can you please comment?

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