NAS326 - Subfolders Not Enough Free Space?

I have installed 1 x 4 TB WD Red HDD into the NAS. I have created 2 volumes on 1 disk group:
1. Projects (EXT4) - Total size: 1.66 TB / Free : 1.30 TB
2. PicturesVideos (EXT4) - Total size: 1.92 TB / Free: 1.76 TB

I need to create subfolders for example in volume Projects. I do this from File Browser or directly from the Shared Network Folder in My PC, Windows 11

The problem: When I try to copy some files (15.2 GB total) in the subfolders I get the message: "There is not enough space on Projects. You need an additional 10.7GB to copy these files "

So it turns out that by default my subfolders have just 4.5 GB free space...

When I try to copy the files to the root directory of the volume, for example: Projects, the files copy just fine.
If I first copy the files to the root folder of the volume and then move it to the subfolder - it works..
The error persists when I try to directly copy the files in a subfolder of the same volume. Is there a way to set the maximum sizes of the subfolders of a volume?

Hope I get answers as I can't use the NAS without sorting all the files into different subfolders.


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    Is it possible that you enabled the disk quota?

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