LTE2566 Firmware bugs

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Hello everybody. My questions are 2, and connected.
Why there is not an option to reset the data usage counters whenever you need, but only the option to set a reset date?
Why when you try to set manually Date and Time (I tried to set 23:59 in order to reset the above counters, after setting tomorrow as reset date) you cannot set hours between 15 and 23, because after selecting 15, or 16, 17 and so on, the router set 13 instead of 23 or 4 instead of 16 etc.? I think these are firmware bugs, am I right?
Any solution or chance to see a firmware update that corrects these bugs?
I couldn't find a support contact to send these questions to. Only FAQs or dumb virtual assistant.
Any comment and/or suggestions? Thank you in advance

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