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Hello all.
I noticed that some bugs already present in previous firmwares, are still there on the last version of LTR2566.
Why there is not an option to reset the data usage counters whenever you need, but only the option to set a reset date?
Why, when you try to set manually Date and Time (I tried to set 23:59 in order to reset the above counters, after setting tomorrow as reset date) you cannot set hours between 15 and 23, because after selecting 15, or 16, 17 and so on, the router sets 13 instead of 23 or 5 instead of 16 etc.? I think these are firmware bugs, am I right?
Any solution or chance to see a firmware update that corrects these bugs?
Thank you for your attention and consideration.

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    Hi Jim, 

    The design to reset data usage by date is because most of the data plan is monthly, users might need to reset the data usage counter on a specific date in a month when the usage period ends. 
    In terms of the hour not being correctly validated, I will contact the relevant teams to handle it. 


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    Thank you for your answer, Bob.
    I understand the reason for a specific date, but sometimes you may buy a monthly subscription as a "pay as you go",that will last one month, or less, if you consume all your data before the expiration date, and in that case you may buy another package that will start decreasing the day you activate it: in this case you need to reset the counters on that day, without waiting for the 30 days to last, so an option to override the scheduled reset and to choose when to reset the counters would be very useful.
    Thanks again,

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    More firmware bugs:

    APN Auto not working in Italy

    Authentication Auto not working

    Network Type Auto not working, will connect only to 3G at band 8 (900MHz) and only with manually set APN and PAP. else no connection.

    Band Selection Auto not working, if per random connected to 4G will disconnect after random time between 1 second and 20 minutes and temporarily banned (not allowed to reconnect until pwer down for at least some minutes).

    My solution/workaraound so far to use this thing in Italy:

    APN manual, set correctly for provider

    Authentication PAP

    Network Type 4G

    Band Selection manual

    Band List allow only 1, 3, 7, 8, 20 for all but not for Iliad, 38 only for WindTre but not for others, 28 only for TIM Vodafone Iliad but not for WindTre

    Managemet » TR069 Enable » Inform Enable, leave rest at defaults or empty

    This way I get a consistent connection with a steady public IP. The LTE2566 constantly changes bands, but connection stays, but has throughput dropouts while switching over. Without enabling TR069, connection drops at random time, device temporarily banned.

    If enabled band 41, no other FDD bands will work, so must disable in Italy. (Maybe the 2MHz shift bug?)

    If enabled a band not used by SIM provider, connection may not establish at all. The effect is random. Surely will disconnect one random time and be temporarily banned.

    Similar procedure may apply for all users and roaming in Europe and elsewhere, except maybe Russia and Türkiye (it's obviously a product for Russian and Turkish market).


    Speed is only good at TDD, scraping at theoretical maximum. The rest, even 4G+, is neither better nor faster than a 20buck China CAT4, even at 50m distance from BTS, due to the constant band tripping. A bit sad. Looks like the firmware needs a serious overhaul.

  • Bob_C
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    Hi Enrico,

    After several discussions, I figure out how manual time setting works. When you manually configure time, it is the time of GMT+0 without daylight saving. The current time is an adjustment of manual configured time with time zone setup.

    For example, if I set time as 12:59, and the time zone is GMT+8, daylight saving is off, the current time turns out to be 20:59 because 12:59 plus 8 hours.

    Another example, if the daylight saving is enabled, and the time zone is GMT+1, the manual configured time is 2:05 on 2nd August, the current time is 4:05 because 2:05 with 2 hours ahead (1 hour because of GMT+1, 1 hour because of daylight saving being enabled).

    Unfortunately there's no plan to modify the design for making it more intuitive.

    My suggestion is to manaully configure your actual local time, set the time zone to "GMT+0" and correctly configure daylight saving if it applies to your location. In this case, you'll see the actual and correct time; and it's more intuitive if you need to manually configure the time again.



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