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Hey, my mother and father will be getting a

They previously had a netgear orbi with 2 satellites but lots of bugs with losing internet... Three units replaced...

They live quite large, thats what the satellites are fore.

Now, what satelliets should I buy for them so it works with the nr5103 ? There are 1gig outlets on bout places were the satellites will be placed.

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    Are there any Zyxel representatives here that can answer the question?? Have tried to search for Zyxel support but no luck...
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    I used Orbi with the Zyxel NR5101 and NR7101 in the past.  I eventually ditched the Orbi due to stability / firmware issues and lack of options.  I've been using the Asus zenwifi pro xt12 mesh nodes for 6 months now.  Work absolutely fine.  I actually have the NR7101 setup as Primary WAN with the NR5101 as "hot-standby", configured in the dual-wan options of the XT12.  So perhaps take a look at the XT8 / XT9 or XT12 offerings from Asus?

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