NR7101 randomly disconnect during the day

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Hi All, 
The modem is good and connection during the day is stable enough for the area that I am leaving. Settings are the default with some exception such as the default IP (changed), band selection. I have the modem almost for a year now I have moved different ROM and firmaware, at moment 1.00(ABUV.6)C0 and module RG502QEAAAR11A07M4G (this issue is still present and the reset is did not help)... the issue that I have the modem seems to restart during the day, while of course I am in meetings... What should I look at? has anyone ever experienced this issue? 

Just in case someone wonder the reboot timer is not activated 

Thanks for the support. 

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    Have you tried the latest V7 firmware?  I was getting random modem drops on V6 but V7 seems fine.

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