NAS326 Sleeps but struggles to Wake



My NAS326 has started to have a problem, when I reboot the NAS, I get full access to it, I can see it as a computer and a media server and I can access the shares, also my backup software can see the shares and backup as necessary. However, overnight something happens and, in the morning, I can see the NAS as a media server and can watch films or listen to music, but I cannot access it as a computer and my backup software cannot access the shares until I reboot the NAS again

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    Is the webinterface reachable? Is there anything in the logs, when the access stopped?
    Control Panel->Maintenance->Log
  • Vapulabis
    the only logs were time updates from the NTP and 2 x "SUCCESS" reports from the system, to what I have no clue, but what I had noticed is that we had a power cut before this problem started and "Wake on LAN" had been disabled, instead of going through all of the settings to find other problems I did a config restore and all has started working again.

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