[Release Note] Nebula Control Center - Phase 16.00 software Release!

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Zyxel Nebula Control Center Release Note


Common NCC (Organization, Site-wide …etc.) enhancements:

  1. Improve Firmware Management UI to provide more clear information.
  2. The content and usability of Device function table in Help center is improved for easy navigation.
  3. Added Create site page link in Site selection drop down box.
  4. Added Name column in device registration process.
  5. Added IP type column in AP and Switch list page.
  6. All (clients) in Site-wide Client list now supports last 24 hours data display and export.

Wireless LAN (WLAN) enhancements:

  1. Added WiFi Aid feature which provides admins with an intuitive dashboard and comprehensive data of a WiFi client’s connection issues for easy trouble shooting. Client diagnostics is also renamed to Connection log working with WiFi Aid to provide drill down details. (Nebula Pro Pack license is required)
  2. MAC authentication now supports RADIUS accounting.
  3. WPA personal in SSID advanced settings now supports to generate and print QR code for mobile client devices.
  4. Smart mesh now supports admins to configure dedicated band, instead of Auto only, to avoid unexpected uplink situation.
  5. Smart mesh now supports to display uplink with radio band info. and more clear Tx/Rx rate.

Switching enhancements:

  1. The availability and synchronization of Switch Client’s IP and description (name) are enhanced.


Security Appliance enhancements:

  1. NAT rules now supports GeoIP(country).

Mobile Router enhancements: