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Where can I configure the DHCP domain name using nebula for a USG Flex 200?

Basically I need the Zyxel DHCP Server to populate the Connection-specific DNS Suffix with our local domain name.

Thanks for the help.


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    Hello @DaviD42

    Welcome to the Zyxel community. You cloud refer to the below steps for how to configure it:

    SETP1. Navigate to Firewall Configure > Interface LAN interface configuration and add a new DHCP option. I use the lan1 interface with IP address for an example.

    Option chooses "User defined", Type chooses "TEXT" and type the data to Name, Code, Value fields.

    STEP3. Navigate to Firewall Configure > Firewall settings and add an Address record.

    STEP4. If the PC connects to lan1 interface(with IP address and would find the Connection-specific DNS Suffix has already been added.


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