how to open LTE3301-PLUS router case?

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no joke!
i've inserted my micro sim card into the designated slot. But if you look closely,  there is a small gap between the sim card holder and the encasing - and i managed to slide the sim card into that small gap - and it vanished into the router case!

So my sim card is inside the router case. How do I open that router?

There are 4 small screws beneath the rubbery stands.

on the bottom side around 1 inch / 2.5cm from the corner you see a small triangle sign. Could mark a special position. But i have no clue what it marks or where it points to.

how do I open a LTE3301-PLUS router case?

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    I would suggest you dont open the case.

    Because opening the case might violate the warranty rule.
    Ask for the offical repair access.

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