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I recently installed the DropBox update that solved the authorization problem regarding DB. A connection was established between DropBox and my Nas, but after the first synchronization, the Nas does not not sync at all. Any idea why? My DB account is free, not pro and I tried several Sync intervals.
I'd really appreciate if the synchronization could be set one way (Nas replicate remote DropBox). I fear some problem if the Nas DB is damaged.
Thanks, regards

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  • ikubuf
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    It needs takes lots of time to sync to dropbox if you already have lots of files on the account.
    You can try to register a new account and do upload file or download file , it should sync immediately if you lower the update period 

  • Brando
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    Hi Ikubuf
    Thank You for replying.
    I tried to lower update period, but the client does not sync, it is always in the waiting state. The very first sync took some time, but was fully completed. After then no change in my nas dropbox copy.
    Regards Brando 
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    Hi @Brando

    You have created the same question on the other post, we'll discuss the issue here.

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